Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!

**** i don't have a type. if i like you i like you **** I´ll never grow up - I only learn how to act in public **** Every friend - even your best friend - started off as a stranger. **** i have approximate knowledge of many things **** take it easy - but take it! **** im Niveau flexibel **** humble enough to know that I´m not better than anybody & wise enough to know that I´m different from the rest **** the hardest person to love is yourself **** half of me is a hopeless romantic & the other... well, the other half is an asshole **** You think it´s cool to hate things. It´s not. It´s boring. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don´t. **** Until you get comfortable with being alone, you'll never know if you're choosing someone out of love or loneliness **** ca 69% der hier anwesenden männlichen GLer weisen darauf hin, dass sie nicht beißen. Warum und was passiert, wenn es vom Gegenüber gewollt ist? **** the answer may not lie at the bottom of a bottle but it can´t hurt to check **** all in or nothing **** take me drunk, I'm home **** there are approximately 1013913 words in the English language but I could never string any of them together to explain how much I want to hit you with a chair. **** Wenn ich alleine bin, bin ich eigentlich sehr sympathisch **** if you can´t laugh at yourself I probably will **** Gegensätze zieh´n sich an, Gemeinsamkeiten aus **** It isn't someone else's job to make you happy **** ich bin super im Bett. Ach nee; Super, ich bin im Bett **** Meine Definition von Glück? Keine Termine und leicht Einen sitzen (Harald Juhnke) **** I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me **** Liest sich das alles wirklich irgendwer durch? **** If you say "whale oil beef hooked" really fast it sounds "well I´ll be fucked" in an irish accent **** ich versuche jeden Tag aufgeschlossener und weniger oberflächlich zu sein **** I forgive people but that doesn´t mean I accept their behavior or trust them. I forgive them for me, so I can let go and move on with my life. **** my brain has to many tabs open **** there´s a special place in hell reserved just for me - it´s called the throne **** my ideal body wheight is you on top of me **** Ich mache alles in letzter Minute, dann ist es in einer Minute fertig **** Humor? Nein. **** Stumpf IST Trumpf **** better a sane 6 than an insane 9 **** das Einzige im Leben, das sich auszahlt, ist das geteilte Vergnügen **** be careful what you post online because future employers might see it and want to hang out with you because you´re so cool **** In seeking happiness for others, you will find it in yourself **** Besucher Nummer 25.252 bekommt ´n Bier **** Komm nackt, bring Bier mit **** don´t be ashamed of what you are - that´s your parents job **** i have this weird self-esteem issue where i hate myself, yet i still think i´m better than everyone else **** wer schön sein will, muss lachen

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  • **** Liest sich das alles wirklich irgendwer durch? ****
    Ein blog wie ein Unfall - man kann einfach nich' weggucken ...

  • Joooooooo top lass mal treffen

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