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  • Hello to everybody!

    I'm Francesco, italian, newcomer to Trier, and I need a couple of informations (in english) as my german is at the moment really (really) terrible:

    Can I join your party?

    Arriving to Koln from Trier, where is the party place?

    What about tanz worKshop you were talking in another topic? Is it open?

    I will be there to dance, dance and dance, if I decide to sleep in Koln a cheap but not too bad hotel?

    Many thanks!


  • the location is next to the central train station between the train station and the kölner dom....

    for a hotel look in the treads named "andere themen früherer partys"

    i found there a lot for 30 €, i think a good price

    the workshop is open for everyone, but if you interested write your name in the list

    and trust me, at this party you can dance :D

    i hope your understand me and my english

  • Many thanks Rene for your help!
    But who are the organizers of the party?
    A circle of friends? A tall club?
    In Italy I don't think something like it has been organized.
    What happens exactly?

  • Ciao Francesco!

    The party is located at a discotheque called "Alter Wartesaal", Johannisstrasse 11, 50667 Köln (=Cologne). It starts at 9:00p.m. If you can manage, I would give you the advice to buy the ticket in advance. (~ € 10,--).

    The teaching of the "Tanz-Workshop" is for free, you only have a share (like we all) in the rent of the location (< € 10,--). The exactly fee depends on the attendance... For further information please read the corresponding thread!

  • You all make me wuschig too! :D

    Hi Francesco!

    Do you like to stay in Cologne until sunday? Please check this page: Merian Hotel Köln Just click for the english version. 53€/night for a single app. plus only 300 meters to reach the party location Alexa told you already.

    You also may join the party by getting the ticket over the location's counter. I do not think that this party will be sold out.

    I would be happy if you join us at the dancing workshop from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. In fact we need more male dancers! Just give a notice on the list.

    Between the workshop and the party we like to have a lunch in the Barrios at 7:45 p.m. Just give a notice on the list.

    On sunday we like to have a brunch at 12 a.m. Just give a notice on the list.

    As you can see - we have a lot of funny things to do!

    You asked for the general idea of ""? Pleas write a PN (internal mail) to René, our Administrator. His avatar name is "grosseleute". He may answer your questions with more details.

    Just have a look on my PN (mail)!

  • Hi Francesco,

    I'm in Trier at the moment, too :) And I'll drive to Cologne on Saturday and back to Trier on Sunday (around noon)... ! Just write me a personal message ("PN") if you'd like to go with me by car!

    Oh mein Gott. Mein Englisch ist eine Katastrophe... Ich hoffe, er denkt jetzt nicht, dass ich ihn abschleppen will... !!!

  • Thanks a lot to anyone,
    you are really nice and I have decided to join absolutely your party.
    I would like to attend also the dancing class, but I will be sure to be on time in Koln only on thursday, so I 'm still not sure enough to register myself in the topic.
    See you in Koln, I'm the italian one unable to speak one word of german!

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