Tall People Beach Party 12 September

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  • The fourth Tall People Party in the Netherlands is taking place on Scheveningen beach 12th of September!

    The party begins at 19:30

    there are two parts: Barbeque and Disco

    Barbeque with salad, pasta, French fries etc

    The Disco begins at 21:30

    and there will be a DJ who plays modern dancemusic
    together with a little bit of 70-80-90-hits

    Drinks you can buy with a coin system -the coins are for sale at the entrance.


    Ladies... from 1m88 and taller
    and gentlemen... from 1m99 and taller

    BBQ and Disco = 25 euro p.p.
    Only Disco (Entrance from 21.00h) = 10 euro p.p.

    Everyone who is shorter you can bring along as introduction

    BBQ and Disco = 35 euro p.p.
    Only Disco (Entrance from 21.00h) = 18 euro p.p.

    The two tallest men and women (all ages) will get their entrance
    for free and the very tallest (m/w) win three drink-coins!

    for the planning please report your interest to


    The last beachparty 2008 was very appreciated and popular
    and attracted about 50 visitors from the Netherlands and abroad.

    (Unfortunately there was no announcement made here at the Grosse Leute forum last time.)

    Chris Schram and your Tall friends in the Netherlands
    look forward to see you!

  • Ich bin zu klein.... Ich bin einfach mal zu klein. Wär hätte das gedacht... :]

  • Hey Jo...., :)

    I wrote you an e-mail on 1st of August concerning this party and expected to receive an answer. No reply until now. Is there anything wrong? I need to inform my arm candy in Enkhuizen if we will have a party next weekend or not.

    Tot ziens!


    P.S. Ik sprek heel mar en betje Nederlands.... ;)

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